Pattern & Colour Trends for 2021

We've spent the last few days of 2020 identifying some key pattern and colour trends for next year as research to source unique fabrics, start a foundation to brainstorm for new brand partners and collaborations and inspire whimsical Scrunches that match your outfits perfectly for every event and season in 2021! 


Considering the highest proportion of greenhouse gas emissions are generated from the fashion industry and specifically the production of textiles, it would be unsurprising to say the least that upcycling or creative use is and will be the biggest trend of 2021. We're launching a collaboration with Make.Nu, founded by Daisy and Laura who's ambition is to build a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to fashion by repurposing pre-loved garments and textiles. We've worked on a collection of Scrunches made from pre-loved fabric sourced from a number of markets and second hand shops - shop the collection, here. 


Patchwork's first use in clothing was a technique of economy - inexpensive and easy to achieve yourself. It's a creative way of adding individuality to an outfit and creating interest and texture. With the scraps of material that is left over from making Scrunches, we'll sew together to make a patch work which will then be re-used for Scrunches. Shop the collection here. 


Can you see a theme emerging? It's out with the new and in with the old now - Mum's old curtains? Vintage napkins to be repurposed as a new top or bag? You see where I'm going with this and the vintage floral is fresh yet nostalgic in the best way.